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I also promise that I'm not a slacker.

Has it really been a month? I'm embarrassed but also like, your girl is le tired.

However, in the spirit of getting back into the swing of things- let's swing, shall we?

What I've been doing: I've been in a frenzy of baseball, family visitors (Not house guests, because I don't clean for my in-laws), and wrapping up projects and training at work for my LOA at the end of next month. I'll be home starting May 1 and transitioning back in PT in August.

What I've been reading:

Faith Unraveled and Searching for Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. You know I love this woman.

Accidental Saints by Nadia Bolz-Weber. A recommendation I pulled from RHE's works. I love an irreverent and self-aware priest.

Run, Rose, Run by Our Lady Dolly Parton and some guy named James Patterson. It was unrealistic, Nashville country beach-fluff reading and I consumed it in about 5 hours.

The Night Portrait by Laura Morelli. This checked ALL of my boxes. Historical fiction, art, war, sexual politics. All. Of. It. Couldn't put it down.

Besides the above...I've honestly been kind of planning my transition to FT/PT housewifery. Making cleaning/household task schedules, planning summer stuff for Fifi and TVNinja, planning out a garden with Sweet Husband (which we'll be hopefully planting this weekend). Just honestly excited. Enjoying the fellowship of our friends and in the caretaking of our community. I'm still working on working out more and drinking less buuuuut one thing at time. Some days are better than other and I'm doing my best to remember that the better I treat myself, the better I feel. I'm using this app called Reframe for drinking but I'm open to other suggestions.

Lenten updates: Sweet Husband is still cussing, I have made several unnecessary Amazon purchases (including cute gardening gloves and an apron), but the Fifi and TVNinja have both been spectacularly adherent to not drinking soda, even in the throes of Space Camp and ball season. Also, just had a moment of mental panic because Easter is next weekend and baskets must be done.

In family updates: the kiddos got accepted to the new school we were hoping to transfer to, so that will be a change in the fall for all of us. And sweet Husband may be moving to a different kind of chemo soon...hopefully something that is less aggressive but still good for maintenance treatment. In the meantime, we are still doing the day-long every other Friday thang, along with 3-hour magnesium infusions. So #thoughtsandprayers for that <3

Also thoughts and prayers for Sweet Husband and I as tonight is the SECOND sleepover of the week for us. Nothing like a night of children scurrying up and down the bonus room stairs. Again.

We're all pretty pupped.

Last promise of the day: I also promise that I'm not a liar. I'm working on the Sister Wives blog. Hoping to post within the next couple weeks.

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