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So…does David make out or not?

TVN and Fifi could not agree on whether the protagonist of this school book kissed a girl or not…literally had to order it to read and be tie breaker.

The fam went out for a celebratory (more to come later) supper (and a shot of tequila and a glass or two of wine) and ice cream…so, your girl is tipsy and tired and phoned it in on lunch tomorrow:


1. A plain bagel and cream cheese. Again, one of the only acceptable cheeses for him. He also generally only likes Aldi bagels bc they have “the yellow stuff on the bottom.” I think he means yeast specs or something? Whatever, Kroger brand bagels look the exact same so I just put them in an Aldo bagel bag in case he checks because I’M THE BOSS AROUND HERE.

2. String cheese. I’m doubling down on cheese and dgaf.

3. The last of the blood oranges and blueberries.

4. Girl Scout S’mores and homemade banana walnut chocolate chip bread. The kids opened and left the GS cookies open so they’re being forced to eat the stale cookies. It’s kind of punishment but also I don’t care for marshmallow so 🤷🏼‍♀️.

Fifi: Literally the exact same except an everything bagel, raspberries, and a white cheddar stick.

Because sometimes life just needs to be easy. after this week? My kids know I love them and my family knows they come first so if bagels for lunch is it for tomorrow, then bagels for lunch it is. I’ll make it up next week.

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27. Feb. 2022

Bagels for lunch in the way that they like them is a super sign of affection. And cracking up that stale cookies are a punishment!

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