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"Um...Should HoneyPup be twerking on her brother's head?"

As indicated by the above, our little puppy pack is really hitting their communal stride. Less snarls and snips and many more snuggles and...well, puppy humping. But I've been told by a reliable source this is just HoneyPup asserting her dominance, which tracks. Honestly, just never thought it would be so convenient for the kids to know about "twerking," so we don't have to make any further explanation.

We didn't have our human pups this week for Valentine's, and I spent the week leading up to Wednesday planning out super cute, red-themed lunches. Only to be "reminded" by Sweet Husband (I say, "reminded," to prevent another conversation about whether or not I was previously told) that they have a half day Thursday, preceding Winter Break. Never one to let school policy get in the way of a good time, I made them anyways and they can have them for supper tonight. Or lunch tomorrow. Whatever.

And end of term means progress reports, which generally means a quick trip to The Chocolaterie for Honor Roll treats or "I'm failing academically as a Stepmom" treats. As you can see below, the kids did alright this semester.

Fifi: First off, just want to document that she asked to try some of our ribeye from supper last night. So, I can show her this later and be like, "See? cows are yummy. And you always knew that."

We'll start in the upper left and work around...

  1. Morningstar Buffalo Tofu nuggs and Chick-Fil-A Polynesian. The kid swears by this combo and, I have to admit, pretty tasty. I like to keep extra takeout dipping sauces on hand for lunches. It's just so much easier.

  2. Raspberries, strawberries, and blood oranges. Fifi and I love a blood orange (because goth kids at heart) and Blood Orange San Pellegrino (because Bougie at heart also).

  3. Babybel and two Chocolaterie truffles: Peach Daquiri (dark chocolate shell filled with white chocolate ganache, infused with rum and peaches. Won't get you drunk, like TVNinja was worried my vodka sauce last night might.) and a Strawberry (white chocolate, filled with white chocolate and strawberry ganache.)

  4. Grape tomatoes and red bell pepper. If veg isn't the MAIN COURSE of their lunch, I don't generally supplement with a dip. They'll eat them plain just fine.

TVNinja: He was the first to slice a bit of his steak off for his sister and nodded when asked if he thought I was pretty, even though he had never said so before. The best boy <3

  1. Pepperoni pizza pinwheels. I've been wanting to try to make these for a while and my boy loves pepperoni almost as much as me. I had the two extras for breakfast with coffee and I have zero regrets.

  2. Same fruit, different lunch. TVN recently started liking raspberries and also blood oranges. We do fruit with pretty much every meal. Like I've said before, the kids are actually pretty healthy eaters (thanks to SH's first wife) but I like to kind of take the "edge" off of the dessert craving by throwing some natural sugars at them with meals. It works sometimes.

  3. Babybel...because it's one of the only cheeses he will eat. And the wrapper is red. And two truffles from The Chocolaterie: The Red Heart (classic milk chocolate shell, filled with a creamy milk chocolate ganache) and Leopard S'more (milk chocolate filled with graham cracker crumbles and marshmallow).

  4. Marinara for his pinwheels, grape tomatoes, and red bell pepper.

If these kids don't eat these lunches, I know I for sure will. At least the pepperoni pinwheels and truffles. I used to work at The Chocolaterie and the rule was, obviously, if we dropped a truffle, we couldn't sell it. Let's just say I became exponentially clumsier during my tenure there. Check them out for treats and or in person, if you're in GA.

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