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You Down With OPP?

(Other people's podcasts, productions, and publications...)

Yeah, you know me. Here's what I'm currently consuming:


Searching For Sunday by Rachel Held Evans. Great (audio)book for anyone who has struggled with their faith, the Church, church doctrines...basically anyone. Evans is relatable, self-deprecating, and honest. She died at 37, so her body of work is somewhat limited but nonetheless, wonderful.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking Love me some Nora McInerny. This podcast is at once funny and heartbreaking. You know that whole, "be grateful because someone else has had it worse," thing people say? Well, this podcast proves that point while also totally validating that what you've been through is also some bullshit and unfair.

Surviving Sister Wives I watch trash TV, shamelessly. This podcast recaps one of my favorite shows ever, Sister Wives. A husband-wife team runs through the series, delivering hilarious insight and on-point impersonations of Robyn, wife #4.

Sexy Unique Podcast Another spectacular recap pod, covering Bravo favorites, MobWives, and the SATC reboot. I have legit had to pull over several times or turn it off while driving because I was laughing too hard.


Alaska Shows. Just, all of them. Life Below Zero, Alaskan Bushpeople, you name it. I'm obsessed with the Great White North and want to live a life of no cell phone service...where I have to hunt for my citrus if I want fresh OJ.

Sister Wives (Seeing a theme here?) Fair warning, the departure of my favorite Sister Wife (Christine) from the family has inspired me to rewatch the entire series for an upcoming post, in her honor. Plus, solid treadmill viewing.

Real Housewives of New Jersey I've watched it from S1, Ep1. Can't stop, won't stop. They fight big, they love big, they refer to prison as, "camp," and throw wine glasses in public places.

The Great An absurd Hulu original "retelling" of Peter and Catherine the Great. It's beautiful to watch (think Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette) with clever and totally raunchy humor. It ticks all my boxes.


Just finished: A Flicker in the Dark (Stacy Willingham) This was a book club pick...definitely entertaining. I thought I knew whodunnit until they were actually revealed...which kind of makes me think that's how the author found out too. But it kept my attention for sure.

Just started: Bury Me Standing: The Gypsies and Their Journey (Isabel Fonseca) So far, so good. Tracking the Romani traveler history across Europe and through the centuries.

Ladder to the Light (Stephen Charleston)

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Feb 16, 2022

I watched a few episodes of The Great but Why Women Kill is more my speed. I need more sarcasm and less sex! Hahaha

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